8 Things NEVER to Say to Women Executives


In today’s post, I am highlighting an article by Zayda Rivera that describes 8 things you should never say to women executives (or women at any organizational level for that matter).  In addition to pointing out several inappropriate and problematic behaviors when it comes to interacting with women, particularly women in management positions, this article really demonstrates how many of these behaviors and statements are genuinely innocent and are not intended to harm anyone, but can create many problems nonetheless:

1.  Any kind of sexual comment.

2.  “You don’t really want that promotion. You’ll never see your kids.”

3.  “You’ll get the job because you’re a woman” or “You must be the token woman”

4.  “What’s the matter, is it that time of the month?”

5.  “You’re very attractive [or pretty, or beautiful, etc.]”

6.  “You look great for your age” or “Do you use Botox?”

7.  “You do that so well … for a girl.”

8.  “When are you due?”

Another nice feature of this article is that it offer several audio clips to further demonstrate and describe the problematic nature of these statements.  You can review the full article at www.diversityinc.com/thingsnottosay. 

NEXT POST – November 25, 2008

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