10 Things NEVER to Say to Latino Executives


In today’s post, I highlight another article by Yogi Cole that describes 10 things you should never say to Latino executives (although once you read the article, you will probably realize these are things you should never say to anyone of Latin descent regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy).  What I find particularly interesting about this article is that even in our “more enlightened” times, people still make highly inappropriate comments in the workplace:

1.  “Don’t worry, you’ll get the promotion, you’re Latina.”

2.  “When did you arrive in this country?”

3.  “Hola! Habla Ingles?”

4.  “Do you live with your parents?”

5.  “You’re not like them.”

6.  “Can you show me your knife?”

7.  “Why don’t all you Latinos stop doing that?”

8.  “You’re not white.”

9.  Butchering a Latino’s last name.

10.  “Do you speak Spanish?”

Visit www.diversityinc.com/thingsnottosay to read the full article.

NEXT POST – November 21, 2008

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