10 Things NEVER to Say to a Black Coworker


Greetings – today I am highlighting another article from the series at www.diversityinc.com describing ‘things NEVER to say’.  Today’s article is written by Eric Hinton and describes 10 things you should never say to a black coworker:

1.  “You’re so articulate”

2.  “Is that your real hair?”

3.  “You people”

4.  “Do you eat a lot of ______________?”

5.  “Why are you so angry?”

6.  “Why are you acting white?”

7.  “You don’t sound black over the phone”

8.  “I don’t think of you as black”

9.  “You graduated from where?”

10.  The N-word

Visit www.diversityinc.com/thingsnottosay to get a description of each of these statements from Eric Hinton’s full article.

Next Post – November 10, 2008

9 Things NEVER to Say to White Colleagues


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