Things NEVER to Say to American Indian Coworkers


Greetings – in my last post, I introduced an excellent source of information regarding “things Never to say” for a variety of cultural groups (  In today’s post, I list things NEVER to say to American Indian coworkers from Daryl C. Hannah’s article:

1.  “Hey Chief”

2.  “Squaw”

3.  “How Indian are you?”

4.  “Hold down the fort”

5.  “Do you live in a teepee?”

6.  “Pow-wow”

7.  “Climbing the totem pole” or “Low man on the totem pole”

8.  “Indian-giver”

9.  “That’s a nice costume”

Visit to read Daryl Hannah’s full article and review the explanation for each of these statements.

NEXT POST – November 4, 2008

10 Things Never to Say to a Black Coworker by Eric Hinton

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