Things NEVER to Say


Back in September, I authored 3 posts that described 7 things you should never do if you want to avoid offending others and enhance communication in culturally diverse settings (How to Avoid Offending Others: Parts 1-3).  With that theme in mind, I have come across several articles that describe Things NEVER to Say at  In my next few posts, I will provide lists of these ‘things never to say’ to Black, American Indian, LGBT and Caucasian coworkers, as well as Asian-American, Latino and Women executives. 

For the full articles, visit  I think you will find them quite interesting.  First up, Zayda Rivera’s Things NEVER to Say to Women Executives:

1.  Any kind of sexual comment

2.  “You don’t really want that promotion.  You’ll never see your kids.”

3.  “You’ll get the job because you are a woman.” or “You must be the token woman.”

4.  “What’s the matter, is it that time of the month?”

5.  “You’re very attractive (or pretty or beautiful etc.)”

6.  “You look great for your age.” or Do you use Botox?”

7.  “You do that so well…for a girl.”

8.  “When are you due?”

Remember to visit to read her full article.

NEXT POST – October 31, 2008

Things NEVER to Say to American Indian Coworkers

by Daryl C. Hannah

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